In 4 Years…


In the 4 years (!) that I’ve been gone, here are the highlights of what happened:

  • Rose (Chrysanthemum) graduated from high school, left for college and is now getting ready to graduate (March 2017) with a BFA in Costume Design & Construction
  • My mom (GB) moved from the beach and moved to Redmond, WA – this meant the “3 Grandma’s” splitting up and moving away from each other. GB has been having a hard time getting used to living alone and living in Redmond. She has some decision making to do.
  • Mary (Lil’ Sport) is a senior in High School. Last Spring she tore her ACL, had surgery and is still in physical therapy. She is in the midst of retaking her SATs and ACTs, and filling out college applications.
  • Thomas graduated from High School and is pursuing engineering at a college 2 hours away. It’s been hard getting used to his absence.
  • My sister’s dog dies unexpectedly. This was a sad, sad event. Then she had a hysterectomy, and a bunch more changes (including having my mom move in 1 mile away).
  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Needless to say, this was a big deal (more on this later).
  • My Uncle Bill (my mom’s brother) died unexpectedly.
  • My Aunt Anna (my mom’s sister) died very unexpectedly.

Yes, it’s been a crazy year. I thought I was done with this little, tiny, insignificant blog. But I guess I’m not.