Hanging with Lil’ Sport

We usually spend our Saturday nights watching TV. It’s embarrassing to admit but it’s what we do. We don’t watch just any TV though, it’s on purpose and chosen. Tonight we watched The Illusionist directed by Sylain Chomet. This movie has been on Chrysanthemum’s movie list forever.

the illusionist

Have you heard of The Illusionist? It’s a hand drawn cartoon with no words, about a man who can’t find a job. With this in mind, I must tell the truth; Superman, Chrysanthemum, and The Fonz watched the movie.

I thought it was boring and promptly fell asleep. I tried so hard to model maturity and enjoy this silent film. But when Lil’ Sport said she hated it and thought it was boring I jumped at the chance to switch gears.

So we decided to make dessert for the movie watchers.

First we were going to make cookies, but we didn’t have enough butter.

Then we were going to make a blueberry/raspberry pie with the frozen berries from our berry-picking expedition this summer. But the pie crust mix had bugs in it. Gross! (Pantry moths are the bane of my existence! I clean my pantry all the time, use airtight container, and a breadbox. But this little mix got put in without being closed. Ugh! Anyway….)

Our solution was to make a blueberry/raspberry cobbler instead.

First Lil’Sport made the inside.


While I cleaned up the dinner dishes.


Then we made the topping.


Then we put it all together.


Then we drove to the store at 10pm because we decided it definitely needed vanilla ice cream.


Then we ate it.

Superman had two servings so it must have been good!

I love spending time with Lil’ Sport. I know I get to do it every Friday when I take her to flute lessons but these impromptu activities really rock my boat. Plus, she told me some secrets.