Fickle and Impulsive

Sometimes I think I’m fickle. 

People used to say I was impulsive. 

Impulsiveness is a matter of perspective.


My brain is constantly churning with wildly creative and inspired ideas.  Usually I don’t do anything about them.  Usually I’m just chatting away in my head about (1) painting a room, (2) cleaning up something, (3) creating something (4) calling someone back, (5) learning something, or (5) writing a long overdue thank you note.

My ideas are often grandiose, cost money, take time, need skills I don’t have yet, and conflict with Superman’s ideas of money spending, time spending, and effort spending.

So usually I play it safe by keeping my thoughts in daydreaming mode.

But every once in a while I actually DO something on my internal “Honey-Do” list.  When the stars align, and I have the time, and the motivation, and the money… and… I don’t give a rip what Superman thinks, then I quickly get into action.  I begin spending money, ignoring the kids carving out time, tearing down wall paper, taping the baseboards, until…

…I stop.  Because it gets too hard, or complicated, or I’m not sure how to do something.  And I get overwhelmed.  Or pissed off.

…but sometimes


I actually finish the job. 

And then I feel inspired.