Dance Grooves

jump for joy!

You gotta love teenagers.  Especially young teenagers.  Middle schoolers to be exact.

I got to chaperone the dance at my kids’ (Lil’Sport and The Fonz) school.  It was awesome!  I love the music!  I love the loudness!  I love the screaming!  I love the jumping!  I love the darkness!  And I love the sense of excitement and expectation!

In fact, I love going to the dances so much I haven’t missed one in almost three years!  And every time, I have to hijack every cell of my soul not to run into the cluster of kids and break into my own rendition of The Casper Slide.

Today’s dance, like past dances was rife with oblivious awkwardness, coolness, experimentation, and hormones.  I mean seriously, don’t we all remember that awkward time of feeling cool, maybe not being cool, but thinking we are?

Which reminds me.  I love middle school kids!  Here’s why:

    • They’re willing to dance by themselves.  Wildly.
    • They dress up in silly costumes because they want to, not because of what their friends think.
    • They experiment.  In public.
    • They still skip when no one is looking.
    • When kids dance “fancy” the other ones crowd around in a circle to watch even if the dancer isn’t something necessarily good.  Just the fact they’re brave enough to “do dance moves” is reason enough to draw a crowd.  And the crowd cheers!
    • They chase each other.
    • They scream loudly when their favorite song comes on.  And then they scream some more.
    • They come to the dance even if they’re uncomfortable with it.  They try!
    • All the girls dance together.  All the boys dance together.
    • And sometimes boys and girls slow dance together.  Sort of.  It’s more like a long hug with little steps here and there.
    • They smile at grown ups.
    • And, they’re enthusiastic.

And this above all else is why I love middle schoolers.