David Soul and the Art of Despair

I have this new playlist on my iPod. I actually stole it from The Fonz and I really like it. I’ve been listening to it super loud, repeatedly. I just can’t get enough of these songs!

I’ve done this play-it-over-and-over thing since I got my first record player. It was blue and white and it played 45s. It was sooooo cool! I think it looked like this. But now that I see it, it coulda been orange and white, or red and white. Either way… this is what it looked like:

old plastic record player

This is the record player my sister played Donny Osmond’s “Puppy Love” record on over and over and over with her friend Jennifer. Or it coulda been John, or Kayleen. Either way…

I don’t remember a lot of specifics from my childhood. But I do remember music. And I do remember where it all started. It started with this:


This baby was golden! See those discs? They each played a song like “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, and so on. It doesn’t matter what they played. What matters is I was in charge! And boy, did I like that! Because I was in charge I could play what I wanted, when I wanted, over, and over, and over again. And I did.


Until I was too old to do that anymore. Then I graduated to the blue and white supreme model. And when that happened my world opened up! Specifically it opened up to “American Pie” by Don McLean. I listened closely, with paper and pencil at the ready, writing down the lyrics until I could sing along all the way from beginning to end without reading my paper.

And then I turned 12. At 12 I fell in love.

I fell in love with a blonde fellow that most of my friends didn’t notice. You see it was his best friend who drew their attention. My Love sat in the shadows making music and making my heart swell with longing. My Love’s name was David Soul. The famous sidekick to “Starsky” from the show Starsky and Hutch. In case you don’t remember this dynamic duo, here’s a reminder:


That’s David on the right. The brunette is Paul Michael Glaser aka “Starsky”. Now doesn’t David look like the kinda guy a 12 year old flat-chested, greasy haired girl with a bad perm should crave?

If you’re thinking “no”, you obviously haven’t heard his heart wrenching (to me) song titled “Don’t Give Up On Us”.

I remember lying in bed crying (this is not a lie, nor an exaggeration, I sobbed) because I knew in my heart of hearts that I would never really meet David. Oh I cried!

The pain! The agony! The despair! The lost love!

There I was in my blue antiqued trundle bed with the matching quilt and curtain set, begging God to please bring David to me!

But he never came. And I stopped watching the show because it was summer time and I was busy playing. And I forgot David.