Truth turned around

photo via Flickr Creative Commons License

I’ve been pretty uninspired lately.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been really dizzy for the last several weeks, or because I reinjured my foot, or because the weather has turned grey and dark.

Or maybe it’s just because.

I’ve mostly come to terms with my on again/off again relationship with inspiration.  I know for sure that inspiration is not motivation.  Motivation is something entirely different.  Motivation (to me) is when I’m running to something (like wanting to be: organized or productive or healthy) or running from something (company coming? I must clean!).

Inspiration on the other hand is when I am compelled to do something.  Yes, it’s emotionally based but it’s also when the rest of the world falls away and I’m clear headed and focused.

Lately I’ve been inspired to:

    • read fiction books
    • hang out with my kids
    • shop
    • scour the internet for new blogs to follow
    • pet my dog
    • sit

I started this post saying I’ve been uninspired.  But now that I think about it, I really haven’t been uninspired.  I just haven’t been inspired by what normally inspires me. And this brings me to a place of understanding and acceptance that I forgot about.

    I forgot that this pacing is normal for me.  That I swing between doing and not doing.  That when I don’t swing between these two opposites, pushing myself to do-do-do I become grouchy, overwhelmed, and intolerant.  Some might even say I become (a-hem) a martyr.
      It’s funny because I spend most days working with women (and men) to accept themselves

as they are.

        To relish their individual rhythms, likes, and dislikes.  We delve deeply into the truth of who they are and find ways to enjoy life within this context.  Essentially I’m helping my clients stop trying to change who they are just to fit someone else’s expectations.  Many times this “someone else” is their own sense of who they


    to be versus who they truly are.
    And I forgot to remember this for myself.