Reading People Together


Sometimes when I’m reading a magazine I wish my sister was here to thumb through it with me.  But she’s doesn’t live close by so I thought I’d pretend she was.

If you have a people from November 28th you can follow along with me.  Sorta like a read-aloud for adults.  To find the pages count them 1, 2, 3 and so on including all the ads.  Page 1 is the inside cover.  Oh, and go get get a cup of coffee, tea, beer, wine, or whatever you like to unwind.  And put your feet up.  Here we go:

I’m picking up the magazine… I’m opening it up and…

  • The smell!  Blech!  Man, that perfume insert for Coach perfume is strong! Which reminds me…
  • Why is there a perfume by Coach?  And why doesn’t it smell like leather? (p. 10-11)
  • I don’t get Madonna but I’m still intrigued by her. (p. 17)
  • Angelina Jolie looks better with makeup. (p. 19)
  • I don’t get Mariah Carey and I’m not intrigued by her. (p. 18)
  • The picture of Prince William and Kate where they’re impeccably dressed but have sour looks on their faces is kinda funny.  She sure is pretty though. (p. 20)
  • The Obamas look genuinely happy. Really happy. (p. 21)
  • What’s up with Victoria Beckam?  She has her arms around David Beckam’s stomach and she still can’t find something to smile about?  (p.21)
  • Vanessa Minnillo riding a bike in a bikini.  Who does that?  (p. 27)
  • The Lancôme ad with the three ladies advertising Hynôse Doll Lashes is freaky. (p. 28)
  • Fit really IS sexy! (p. 38)
  • Who approved the ad for the Honda Civic that has a hairy monster sitting on top of the car with pink nails and a pink purse?  What demographic do they think they’re attracting? (p. 40)
  • I want to see George Clooney in The Descendants. (p. 56)
  • I don’t agree with Bradley Cooper’s opinion that he was “really old” when he had his first kiss in 7th grade.  As the parent of a 7th grader I don’t think that’s really old for a first kiss, I think it’s really young! (p. 94)
  • Jason Derulo’s belly button is huge! (p. 106)
  • Uhhhh…could the ad for Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs be any more phallic? (p. 122)
  • Can’t you just imagine Ty Burrell doing 1950’s style calisthenics? (p. 135)
  • What is up with people renewing their vows after only 4 years of marriage?  (p. 172)

…and close.