How Superman got his name


I love December.  The celebrations, traditions, the camaraderie of a shared experience in virtually everyone around me.  But what I love most about December is that it feels like a mental holiday.  Sure I’ve got multiple lists of gifts and to-do’s.  Like many, I too feel the mounting pressure of Christmas squeezing me tighter and tighter until I’m about to burst.

But what I don’t feel during December is…reality.  Starting about the 5th or so all the topics I usually fret over I put off thinking about “until after Christmas”.  For three weeks all my normal worries (business growth, planning, college searching, exercise, work, etc.) all take a back seat to shopping lists, house preparation, and everything else jolly and merry.

But then December 26th hits and all I’ve put off becomes unbearably present.  Unreturned phone calls, newsletters to write, college visits to plan, goal setting, and taxes all trickle into my mind until I can’t stand it a minute longer.

I start to sweat.

Then I wake up Superman and tell him how I’m feeling.

And Superman says, “It’s okay.  Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.”  And he gives me a hug.  He is truly the only person who can peel me off the ceiling at 1:00am in 3 sentences or less.

And that’s how Superman got his name.