Cluck! Cluck, cluck, cluck

Chicken.  Chicken, chicken, chicken!  Last week I was surprised to find boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale.  Not one to pass up a sale on chicken I bought three family packs and cooked them all.  This led to a completely lazy meal plan, including, but not limited to lime chicken soft tacos, chicken burritos and chicken pasta. 

Because of this impromptu laziness Mini-Meatloaves were pushed forward to this week.

This week’s menu:
Mini Meatloaves, mashed potatoes, vegetable (from last week’s plan)
Lasagna Soup (recipe from my sister who got it from her friend Karin)
Crockpot Chicken Chili (recipe from my sister who got it from her Principle but the exact recipe was also listed on Plain Chicken)
Macaroni and Cheese Soup by SkinnyTaste
Chicken Cordon Bleu by The Girl Who Ate Everything 
Buffalo Wing Turkey Lettuce Wraps by The Girl Who Ate Everything
Left Overs