SOC Sunday: Am I a people person?


Photo Credit: Jintae Kim's Photography via Flickr

I go a little hot and cold with my thoughts, my ideas, even my opinions!  In many ways I like this about me.  Who said being balanced is being steady?  I like that I’m on, then I’m off.  I’m totally into something, then I can’t stand it.  It’s how I am.  It makes life interesting for sure, but isn’t perhaps the best strategy for friendships.

But with this this writing space sometimes I wish I was a little more on than off.

I follow this woman’s blog named Fadra.  I found her through Social but I actually enjoy her personal writing better.

She hosts a little ditty called “Stream of Consciousness Sunday” where you’re given a prompt (if you need one) and then write steady for five minutes.  The key is, it’s only 5 minutes and you can’t edit your writing, or your spelling.

And each Sunday I sigh and say to myself “I should do that”.


Most Sundays I’m busy, or lazy, or preoccupied playing solitaire (like my Grandma Evelyn whom I’m named after).

Most Sundays I’m not working in my yard the way I wish I was.  Nor am I cleaning the house even though I ought to be.

This Sunday though, I have few minutes to kill before I pick up Lil’ Sport from a sleepover and then head to the grocery store.  I’ve already walked with Superman and my meal planning is complete.

But mostly I have 5 minutes to spare because today’s prompt is something I’ve actually given a lot of thought to.

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt: Are you a people person? Do you feel energized or drained around people? What are some of your favorite types of encounters or tell me a story of one!

Here we go…

I wouldn’t say I feel energized by people.  I would say I find people incredibly intriguing.  I could listen to people tell me their stories all day long.  In fact, I do actually get to listen to people’s stories all day long!  It’s what I get paid for.  Well, I get paid for more than that.  But still…

And every day I feel so lucky that my clients and friends have the courage to tell me their story.

But I find that there are certain people that intrigue me more than others.  Certain people I could listen to all day long.

When I’m with someone who is honest.  When they say it like it is.  When they don’t sugar coat, coddle themselves, or manipulate what they’re saying to be “politically correct”.  These people I could spend hours with.

It is so refreshing!

In this culture of perfection, political correctness, obsessions over appearances (physical and social), it’s unusual to run across someone who just says what’s on their mind without excuses, without the back story, and without apology.

When I’m in these conversations I feel alive.  I feel authentic.  I feel real.

But mostly, I feel connected.

What about you?  Are you a people person?