The time before iPhones, Computers, and TV

When I posted this picture of me and my sister, what you don’t know is I really wanted to post this picture:

Me and My Sister

Ha ha ha ha ha!  But really, look at those crochet outfits!  Uh, what’s up with the skirts?  You can see right through them! What in the world was our mom thinking?  If you look really close you can see my tights (I’m on the left) are too big and are sagging around the knees and ankles.  And Karin has added a bow to her blouse.

But the kicker here is that my mom made those outfits.  That’s right.  Or at least I think she did.  She could have bought them but I doubt it.  I doubt it because she made us matching clothes all the time.  Many times including herself in the mix so all the women in the house matched.

That’s not all.  On holidays (like Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter) we would wake up to find a new matching outfit laying on the end of our beds that she had secretly made while we were sleeping.

How did she do this?

Where did she find the time?

Where did she find the inspiration?

Where did she find the patience?

My mom worked full time.  My mom cooked healthy home-cooked meals every day.  My mom made meringues filled with homemade raspberry jelly.  My mom picked peas and made hot-cross buns on Easter.

The Whole Family (minus my dad who is taking the picture)

And she still to this day has more energy than anyone I know.