In 4 Years…


In the 4 years (!) that I’ve been gone, here are the highlights of what happened:

  • Rose (Chrysanthemum) graduated from high school, left for college and is now getting ready to graduate (March 2017) with a BFA in Costume Design & Construction
  • My mom (GB) moved from the beach and moved to Redmond, WA – this meant the “3 Grandma’s” splitting up and moving away from each other. GB has been having a hard time getting used to living alone and living in Redmond. She has some decision making to do.
  • Mary (Lil’ Sport) is a senior in High School. Last Spring she tore her ACL, had surgery and is still in physical therapy. She is in the midst of retaking her SATs and ACTs, and filling out college applications.
  • Thomas graduated from High School and is pursuing engineering at a college 2 hours away. It’s been hard getting used to his absence.
  • My sister’s dog dies unexpectedly. This was a sad, sad event. Then she had a hysterectomy, and a bunch more changes (including having my mom move in 1 mile away).
  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Needless to say, this was a big deal (more on this later).
  • My Uncle Bill (my mom’s brother) died unexpectedly.
  • My Aunt Anna (my mom’s sister) died very unexpectedly.

Yes, it’s been a crazy year. I thought I was done with this little, tiny, insignificant blog. But I guess I’m not.

My favorite shirt

I’ve thought about all the things I could tell you about my favorite shirt.  I could tell you how many years I’ve had it, the story behind it, how I love the fit, feel, and color of it.

Or I could tell you about how when I wear it I’m cracking up on the inside.

My Favorite Shirt

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Learning to fly


An airplane was flying overhead and I said to Lil’ Sport, “I wonder if they can see us in the pool.”  She pointed out that we weren’t in the pool, we were on the patio playing cards, under a canopy, so no they probably couldn’t.  “All right, all right but what if they could?  Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“I guess”, she said.

I remember the last time I was on a plane looking down at the patchwork of fields wondering about the lives of the people I couldn’t see but knew were down there.  Are they happy? Is someone suffering?  Is this a special day for someone?  Do they know I’m up here?

As a child Chrysanthemum always wanted the ability to fly.  I wonder if she could fly, where would she go?  What would she see?

If it were me I would want another super power to got with it; to shrink – the fly on the wall theory in action.  But do I really want to hear/see the insides of people’s lives?  Not the people I know.  But it would be interesting to float into the lives of strangers.  Not to pry but to understand how and why they do the things they do.  To answer the question, “What were they thinking?”

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Sitting and Waiting

Photo Courtesy: Faungg via Flckr

I sit and wait, wait and sit hoping that one of these days inspiration will hit.  I’m not in the doldrums.  But I can’t say I’m feeling inspired either.  You know that feeling of wanting to do something but not having the gumption to start?  That’s what it’s like but with a tinge of grouchiness.

Not bite-your-head-off-you-just-looked-at-me-wrong grouchy.  That would be too obvious and because of this easier to shift.  No this set of feelings shows up as having no desire to actually do anything interesting.

I plan, I shop, I cook, I work, I do, I drive.

None of this has that sparkle the sparkle it usually does.  I’m not depressed.  I know what that’s like.  I’m just in a funk.  And it’s pissing me off that it’s happening during summer.

Maybe because this has been the busiest summer I’ve had in years.  It’s also been the most stressful with projects, kid commitments to keep track of, a husband who hasn’t really been around much, and kids who need me.  Or I wish needed me, which makes me feel even grouchier when I think about it.

I’m missing my alone time.  I’m missing my fun-lazy-kid time too.

I miss myself.

I think a lot of people who find themselves in this type of situation would try to fix it.  Or analyze it.  Or fake it.

Or something.

I’m just gonna wait it out because I know it will pass.

But I wish it would hurry up.

The best idea I’ve ever had

Do you ever have a brilliant idea and want to run around outside with your hands in the air shouting to the world about it?  I did.  Last year.

Then I forgot about it.

Until last night.

I’m so excited I remembered!


The kids are not… Although…

shhh… don’t tell the other kids…

Lil’ Sport said…

You know, there’s something satisfying about getting to take out one of the jobs cards and moving it into the “Done” pocket.

I rest my case.  Mom’s do know best!


P.S.  Here’s what you need to know to make one of these yourself:

  • I used poster board
  • The pockets are just transparencies cut down to shape and glued with Elmer’s Glue (but make sure you glue the textured side, not the smooth side)
  • I used Sharpies for the writing
  • Kids around the world will be thanking me.

P.P.S .  Remember The Dentist saga?  Well, today was the day and I survived.  Although the decided to put me “under” this time.  Yeah!