The day we ate undercooked beans

Photo Credit: NCBrian via Flickr
I woke up to The Fonz heading downstairs at 4am.  As soon as I opened my eyes I thought, “hmmm… I feel weird.” But I didn’t pay much attention and just hoped to fall back to sleep.  Then it dawned on me that The Fonz was taking a long time to come back up stairs so I tore myself out of bed and yelled…

Hey Fonz, you okay?  What are you doing?

“Ughhhhh… I feel SICK!”

“Oh.  Me too!”  And I went downstairs to see what was going on.

I found him in the bathroom, laying on the floor with severe nausea.

And then I felt a niggle in the back of my head.  “I wonder…”

You see the night before I had made a recipe in the crockpot that included beans.  I’ve made this recipe before and we loved it.  And I especially loved that it called for dried beans instead of canned.

But guess what happens when you decide to go for a walk instead of getting dinner in the crockpot and then you go to volunteer at the middle school before you check your to-do list.

And guess what happens when you go straight from volunteering to get your eyebrows done and then come home and check your email instead of checking your to-do list.

Guess what happens when you think to yourself “Oh, it’ll be fiiiine that I’m putting the meal in the crockpot at noon instead of 8am.”

What happens is the beans don’t get fully cooked.  Yeah, yeah, we didn’t care so we happily gobbled up our soup filling our tummies to deep satisfaction.

And guess what happens when you eat undercooked beans…

You get SICK.  Really sick.

Did you know this?

Why grocery lists are fun!

Our kitchen system goes something like this.  I have 2 dry erase boards on our refrigerator.

#1 has a list of all the dinners planned for the week…


#2 has a list of things “certain household members” need/want me to buy on my next trips to the grocery store:


Hanging with Lil’ Sport

We usually spend our Saturday nights watching TV. It’s embarrassing to admit but it’s what we do. We don’t watch just any TV though, it’s on purpose and chosen. Tonight we watched The Illusionist directed by Sylain Chomet. This movie has been on Chrysanthemum’s movie list forever.

the illusionist

Have you heard of The Illusionist? It’s a hand drawn cartoon with no words, about a man who can’t find a job. With this in mind, I must tell the truth; Superman, Chrysanthemum, and The Fonz watched the movie.

I thought it was boring and promptly fell asleep. I tried so hard to model maturity and enjoy this silent film. But when Lil’ Sport said she hated it and thought it was boring I jumped at the chance to switch gears.

So we decided to make dessert for the movie watchers.

First we were going to make cookies, but we didn’t have enough butter.

Then we were going to make a blueberry/raspberry pie with the frozen berries from our berry-picking expedition this summer. But the pie crust mix had bugs in it. Gross! (Pantry moths are the bane of my existence! I clean my pantry all the time, use airtight container, and a breadbox. But this little mix got put in without being closed. Ugh! Anyway….)

Our solution was to make a blueberry/raspberry cobbler instead.

First Lil’Sport made the inside.


While I cleaned up the dinner dishes.


Then we made the topping.


Then we put it all together.


Then we drove to the store at 10pm because we decided it definitely needed vanilla ice cream.


Then we ate it.

Superman had two servings so it must have been good!

I love spending time with Lil’ Sport. I know I get to do it every Friday when I take her to flute lessons but these impromptu activities really rock my boat. Plus, she told me some secrets.

Zuppa Soupa

This is what kale looks like!Last night we dug into a delicious new recipe that I named “Zuppa Soupa”.  It was Pioneer Woman’s take on the Olive Garden Soup.  PW calls it “Sausage, Potato, and Kale Soup” but I knew that if I put the word Kale out there for all to see the kids wouldn’t touch it.

I’ve never bought kale before and I didn’t really know what it looked like.  When I went to Winco all the greens looked about the same and I almost bought collard greens.  Fortunately I asked the produce guy and he showed me which was which.

PW’s recipe called for 2 bunches of kale but I only used one.  I can’t imagine using two!  Good lord that woulda been A LOT of kale – forcing me to change the name to Kale Soup which isn’t nearly as fun as Zuppa Soupa.

I’m going to make Kim’s Kale chips over at Today’s Creative Blog with the leftovers.  I’ve been wanting to make these for a while so I’m actually glad I have extra.

It was delicious and I wish I would have taken a picture of it.